The Best Ways to protect your Mailbox from spam.

This article covers the most important measures you can take to prevent spam emails in your mailbox. We hope that this article will help you to recognize and avoid spam in your mailbox.

1) Always double check the sender of the email.

The most email services such as tempinbox have high quality spam and malware filters to keep your inbox clean from any unwanted emails. But some email providers don’t have good spam filters that do not catch and remove spam emails. This is the main reason why it is important to always double check the email adres where the message came from. You never saw this email adres before? Than there is a higher chance that the email that you just received is fake mail and spam mail.

Spam emails are usually packed with hyperlinks (URL) to lead you to a fake phishing page or any other webpage that will harm your privacy by collecting personal information. This is why it is really important to never click on any link inside your received email that you don’t trust. If you have a feeling that the link is not right, then it often is not right.

3) Never reply to spam emails.

Replying to spam emails is very inconvenient, because it gives the email sender the feeling that you are interested in the spam email. As a result, they will use your email adres more often and send you even more spam emails.

4) Keep your email private on the internet.

Spammers and hackers are always looking for new email adresses to add tot heir potential spam target lists. If you post your email adres any where on the internet, for example on forums or social media, then there is a higher chance that the spammer will find your email adres and you will automaticly receive more spam emails. This is the reason why it is important to keep your email adres as private as possible.

5) Avoid using your email addresses for anything.

Do not use your personal email adres for receiving newsletters or any other opt-in purposes, but use a Temp Email Adres instead. We do not care about spam so use our email service instead. This way you will keep your own personal mailbox spam-free and you will never receive any annoying newsletters.

These are the best ways to protect your personal or temporary inbox from unwanted spam messages. Spam is annoying so we will help you with the best tips to avoid any unwanted spam or viruses in your mailbox.

Thank you for reading this article.