How to use Tempinbox as safe as possible


How to use our service more secure is a frequently asked question by existing users, that is the reason why we made an article about this. We made a list of 3 recommended rules to make sure that you are using Tempinbox as safe as possible. Security is important for us but also for our users. By following the 3 recommended but optional rules you are better protected from intruders in your Temp Mail inbox.

Rule 1 – Do not use our service for any sensitive data.

We can not say this enough, please do not use Tempinbox or any other Disposable Email Service for sensitive data such as: creating bank accounts or submitting tax returns. These things are better to do on your personal email adres, since our Temp Mail inboxes are public available for everyone and not protected with any email password. For the most people this speaks for itself, but we want to state this clearly for your own privacy.

Rule 2 – Use long custom email adresses.

To prevent anyone from accessing your Temporary Email, it is more secure to use long custom email adresses such as [email protected]. These email adresses are more difficult to guess than for example, [email protected]. No one will access your mailbox when using long custom email adresses. If you don’t care about anyone using your mailbox than feel free to use a simple temp email adres.

Rule 3 – Only use our service for temporary purposes.

Please use our Temp Mail service for temporary purposes such as creating disposable accounts on social media, or for newsletters. You can use Tempinbox for everything you wish, but please make sure to not harm your own privacy by using our service.

These 3 rules are the most important things to keep in mind when using our service.

Thank you for reading this article.