Disposable Email for a Social media – Facebook

Every time, you want to create account on some forum or social media, like Facebook, you have to enter information about your e-mail box to get an activation link. Unfortunately, after registration, this social media sends you tons of messages with useless information, which you are not interested in. As a rule, you register accounts in several social media, each of which has its advantages. For example, Facebook is more convenient for informal communication, LinkedIn – for professional business communication and Instagram is used for media sharing, Twitter is used for media sharing and any kind of communication. Reddit is used for media sharing and instructions about anything you can think of.

Why use Temporary Mail for Social media?

Even if this social media sends only a couple of messages per day, your email inbox will be filled with a hundred of useless messages by the end of the week. So, if you want to get rid of all this useless spam, you can use temporary mail when creating social media accounts. Social media platforms also tracks your email usage. This is also a great reason why to use Disposable Email and forget about privacy concerns such as email tracking, this will harm your privacy online.

Many people believe that the temporary mail is used mostly by intruders for criminal purposes or spammers for sending ads and viruses. However, it is not. Temporary mail is an excellent tool for fighting spam messages and email tracking. For example, you can use your real mailbox exclusively for personal or business communication, and temporary mailbox – for the rest of the correspondence and registration in social networks or various  forums. Thus, you won’t disclose your real mail, it won’t be littered, so you needn’t spend a lot of time sorting mail and searching for important email messages among spam.

How to use Disposable Email?

Disposable mail service is very simple to use and does not require any registration. Just open the web page Tempinbox.xyz in the browser on your computer or mobile device and you’ll get access to a just generated temporary mailbox. Any received email will popup on your screen, even if you not use your browser at all! For this feature you have to enable browser notifications for Tempinbox inside your browser.

Why to use our Temporary Mailbox?

Since the user does not have to enter any registration form or personal information to get access to the temporary mailbox, he protects himself from disclosing personal data. Thus, the user protects himself not only from unnecessary information messages from social networks, but also prevents possible attacks from intruders by using a strong and protected mailbox. At the present time, identity theft is quite common, therefore it is necessary to strive for maximum anonymity in the Internet, otherwise you risk losing your personal data, such as your personal information. Actively use temporary mail from Tempinbox, and you will be protected from spam and malware as much as possible! Our strong malware protection firewall protects you and many others from unwanted messages.

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