Beginners Guide to get you started using Tempinbox.

Welcome to Tempinbox, We do love to have you onboard!

1) How to use TempInbox?

TempInbox is really easy to use. First go to the homepage by clicking on home, Once you are there click on the Random button to generate a random temporary email adress. Now you can see your generated inbox. Simply copy your email by clicking on the blue box, and paste it on any website or program you want. Now the confirmation email will appear in your inbox, and you can read and destroy the received email. You can save the received email to your computer for later use.

2) Why use Temp Emails?

Our temp mail service has really fast servers with unlimited resources, We are automaticly removing emails after 24 hours to prevent unauthorized access to any inbox. We are offering our whole service for FREE. We have many more amazing features, you will receive a notification in your browser when you receive an new email in your inbox, you can close your browser window and get notified when there is a new email. Because of this reason Temp Inbox is the favorite Temp Mail generator for many people.

3) Where can I use Temp Mail?

You can use our service on any website you like. The most people are using our service for creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Netflix. You can also use you service for any other purpose you like, for example sign-up for any newsletters or creating accounts on unknown websites. Use it as you like, and prevent spam in your own personal mail inbox 🙂

4) What is a Temporary Email?

A temporary email is an random generated email to receive any email anonymouse, no one can track your inbox because we host your mailbox. Temp emails are popular, because you can keep your own mailbox free of spam or unwanted emails by using a temp email adress. You can also use an temporary email to create accounts on for example, Facebook or Twitter. Our goal is to keep the world free of spam emails and any other unwanted emails. Spam and viruses are easy to prevent by using a temp email generator.

5) What is a Temporary Inbox?

A temporary inbox is a mail inbox that is attached to an temporary email adress. You can read any received email in your temporary inbox. Received emails will be automaticly removed from your temporary inbox after 3 days, we do this for security reasons and to keep our server fast and secure for anyone using it. Do you need your received email(s) longer than 3 days, you can easily save it to your computer using the save button in your received temporary email.

6) What is Disposable Mail?

Disposable mail is the same as throwaway mail. Disposable mail inboxes are made with the intention of being used and discarded after using it. So the received mail can be removed/disposed after receiving it on a temp mail adres. Disposable Mail can be for example, received temp mails from steam or any other services.

7) Do we use advanced spam filters?

Yes, we use an advanced email filtering system with DNSBL’s. This means that we are blocking emails from wel known spam domains to protect you from any malware and viruses online.

8) On what websites can I use Tempinbox?

You can use Tempinbox Temp Mail on any website you wish, for example: discord, facebook , tiktok, epic games, netflix or as temp mail for twitter. The posibilities are unlimited. Please try it out by yourself and let us know! You can find more questions and answers on our FAQ page. Do you have any more questions that aren’t listed on our page? Feel free to contact us on our contact page.